How we work

An appetite for success

LFH combines brand understanding, technical experience and commercial acumen to deliver a print packaging solution which makes a major difference to your bottom line.

By working with us, whether it’s for a scoping study, a proving-the-case project or a full implementation programme, you’ll benefit from LFH’s independent consultancy status.

We have a vested interest in extracting tangible and recurring savings from your supply chain. We’re passionate about implementing positive change - not just preserving the status quo.


Helping you make the right choice for your brand range

We like our clients to make an informed choice about Chapter 1. That’s why we’ll run a scoping project to establish your business case for adopting Chapter 1 across each of your brand ranges.

With your input we will develop a deep understanding of your company’s operational set-up and strategic brand objectives.

We’ll review your brand portfolio (including carrying out a brand equity audit) and perform a similar study of your existing supply chain. By calculating your potential scope for savings, you’ll be able to make a fact-based commercial decision about the suitability of Chapter 1 for your operation.

We typically charge a fixed fee for this stage.


Proving the case removes any business doubt

To help win hearts and minds in your business, we recommend a ‘prove the case’ project.

We will take a dozen or so of your challenging brands and show you and your management team how, in simulated print conditions, we can reproduce them from a Chapter 1 palette - without harming your brands’ ‘look and feel’.

Our fees at this stage are based on our standard hourly rates.

Once we have demonstrated the potential of Chapter 1 for providing a high ROI and boosting shareholder value, we can launch a full implementation programme to cover a brand range – or better still, brand ranges.


If you’re successful, so are we

Our fees for a full implementation program can be calculated as a split between our standard hourly rates together with a percentage of the costs we save you annually.

Like all successful implementation consultants, we are happy to be rewarded with a success fee for visible savings achieved for our clients.


A fast-track to visible savings

The period from our appointment to you realising visible savings can be as short as six months – and that includes helping you renegotiate print supplier contracts.


Using your current PMA to aid roll-out

Although your existing print management agency (PMA) may regard Chapter 1 as a threat, they are well placed to help roll-out a global project.

We will work with your existing PMAs , including full training and support, to ensure the Chapter 1 solution is delivered effectively and efficiently right across your company.

16th February 2012 "LFH Wins 2012 DBA Design Effectiveness Award for Unilever 'colour harmonisation' project"
Financial Times 16/7/2011 Chapter1 is; " a technological breakthrough that could take LFH into another league"
News In Brief Global FMCG declares Chapter 1 - number 1, for both cost-savings and quality.
News In Brief "Chapter1 granted a European Patent 25th July 2011 (Application number: 11003687.8)"
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