What is Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – a tailored packaging solution to save you money

Chapter 1, which received a European patent in 2011, is the industry’s premier brand-focussed colour harmonisation solution.

It saves brand owners money by reducing the number of inks required to print as much of your brand packaging as possible.

Developed following extensive research, consultation and trialling by LFH’s specialist colour management team, it uses a tailored common colour palette to make your packaging printing more efficient.

It saves you money, provides a rapid ROI and boosts shareholder value.

Chapter 1 is not the only system on the market which promises colour harmonisation – but it is independently verified as the best.

Most other solutions rely on a generic and fixed six or seven ink palette, impacting quality.

Chapter 1 has no such restrictions.

A Chapter 1 palette can combine to form a range of colours so diverse that even experienced marketers cannot tell the difference between traditionally-printed packaging and their Chapter 1 counterparts.

An independent audit of competing systems

In 2010, a leading FMCG carried out a comprehensive critique of seven alternative colour harmonisation systems, measuring each of them against 40 evaluation criteria.

Chapter 1 came out top!

Significantly, Chapter 1 was ranked best for both quality reproduction of brands and cost-saving potential.

To demonstrate the potential of Chapter 1 technology, LFH then went on to reproduce 17 ‘challenging’ power-brands owned by the FMCG, in direct competition with the number two ranked solution, Opaltone.

The results speak for themselves (and we are more than happy to share them with you).

16th February 2012 "LFH Wins 2012 DBA Design Effectiveness Award for Unilever 'colour harmonisation' project"
Financial Times 16/7/2011 Chapter1 is; " a technological breakthrough that could take LFH into another league"
News In Brief Global FMCG declares Chapter 1 - number 1, for both cost-savings and quality.
News In Brief "Chapter1 granted a European Patent 25th July 2011 (Application number: 11003687.8)"
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